Juozas Pranckevičius

Juozas Pranckevičius was born on 26 of October in Vilnius. He graduated from architecture studies. He is a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Union and of the artists' group “Individualists”.

Juozas Pranckevičius is a man “burning within”, a person of enormous inner strength. In his paintings, landscape, seascape and urban scenery motifs prevail. Larger part of his landscapes is painted in Plein Air, thus the most prevalent and distinctive features of Juozas artworks, such as colour harmony, the variety of shades, and forceful and emotional brush strokes are evident in the paintings. There are some unique traits as well. For example, in the urban landscapes the author pays attention to the composition, in the countryside landscapes he concentrates on colour scheme, and in the seascapes he focuses on conveying the space and emotion. This is how artist of monumental art Liudvikas Pocius
describes the works of Juozas Pranckevičius.

Juozas Pranckevičius has been participating in the exhibitions since 1982. The artist had exhibited over 40 solo exhibitions and took part in circa 50 exhibitions. His works were exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in various countries, such as Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, China, Nepal, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, France, India. He has established Juozas Art gallery, which had organised over 60 solo exhibitions by prominent Lithuanian and foreign painters.
Pranckevičius’ paintings have been acquired by private and public collectors from various countries, such as USA, Canada, China, Dubai, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Belgium, Estonia, Belarus, Norway, Nepal, South Korea, Czech Republic and National Gallery of Armenia. The artist is active participant of charity initiatives and organises international Plein Air symposiums.