Juozas Pranckevicius

Painter Juozas Pranckevičius was born on October 26, 1952 in Vilnius. Studied architecture and industrial and civil engineering. Has been participating in exhibitions since 1986. Belongs to a group of painters called "Individualists". In 2007 Juozas Pranckevičius was granted the status of art creator. Has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association since 2009.

He founded "Juozas Art" gallery in the "Europa City Vilnius" hotel, whereexhibitions of 50 known Lithuanian painters have been held.

Has organized sixteen personal exhibitions since 2006. The most notable ones: 2009 – at the LAA gallery "Arka" (Vilnius), 2010 – at the House of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (Vilnius), the "HAUS" gallery (Tallinn) and Rügen museum (Germany).

The artist have been participating in group exhibitions for almost thirty years, during this period he displayed paintings at more than thirty exhibitions, among which can be distinguished the 2009 exhibition at Livadia Palace in Yalta (Ukraine), 2010 – at Niedzica Castle (Poland), 2011 – at Munich National Theater (Germany), 2012 – at "Arpana" gallery in Delhi (India).

Furthermore, the painter actively paints en plein air, there are more than thirty five en plein air works in his artistic biography, among them more notable are: 2007 Pino (Italy), Miranda (France), 2010 Serock (Poland) and Nida en plein airs.